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Toronto-based singer/pianist/songwriter, whose love of self expression is present in her original music and cheerful stage presence.
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About the project

Mr. Bowers was looking for a simple and straightforward website to showcase his bio, credits, music and recent news. Since his personality is very easygoing, I recommended that we use Squarespace which is a “set it and forget it” platform that requires minimal maintenance


Richard Bowers is an in-demand composer for film and television, including the Emmy winning hit series “Even Stevens” (Shia LeBoef) and the network hits “Sweating Bullets” on CBS and “FBI: The Untold Stories” on ABC. His original compositions can be heard in dozens of movies and TV series, from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, to  “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. Current projects include movies for the SyFy and Lifetime networks, video games and a TV series on Nickelodeon.



Website looks great – thanks!

Richard Bowers