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Online CD and sheet music store owned by Julie Ann Giacobassi, English horn player with the San Francisco Symphony from 1981-2006.
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Site owners may have made their own changes since the original design. Screenshots reflect how the website looked upon delivery.

About the project

It was an absolute joy working on Ms. Giacobassi’s website, Fish Creek Music, because it incorporated several elements - audio, images and an online store.  HTML5 media playlists were included in product descriptions so that the music could be played on iPhones and iPads since I know how important it is for visitors to hear snippets of the music before buying sheet music.


FISH CREEK MUSIC offers CDs, Solos, Chamber Music & Etudes for players of the English horn, Oboe d’amore, Oboe and a few other instruments and is owned by Julie Ann Giacobassi, English horn player with the San Francisco Symphony from 1981-2006.  Ms. Giacobassi spent her playing career promoting, performing and recording new music for the English horn and the oboe d’amore.


Thanks for the update on your new website! I spent a lot of time researching works on your old site. Your new, updated and improved one is excellent! The user-interface is much more friendly and spacious. I absolutely love the fact that you have kept the audio samples on your site. That is extremely helpful when researching new repertoire – I love discovering new works! Fish Creek Music Customer

CD and Sheet Music Distributor, Fish Creek Music

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